Wednesday, 19 October 2016

GO Litter-less!

Just wanting to write a quick note to everyone about going litter-less for your lunches.  This concept can be applied to our own lunches as well as to our kids school lunches.  I made the decision this September, while I was back to school shopping, that I wanted to decrease the amount of trash generated on the school playground.  Here is the amount I picked up one day after school while my kids were playing.  We returned the reusable items to the lost and found and recycled or threw out the rest.  And this was just from one day of school... so you can imagine how much gets generated over the course of the school year.

I really feel that this problem has a solution and it starts with us parents.  We can make the choice to go litterless, and while it may result in a few trips to the lost and found over the school year to retrieve any forgotten containers, we can significantly reduce the amount of trash our kids carry outside with them.  Every piece of plastic wrap or baggy matters; when they pile up it can be a big mess.  So let's rethink how we do lunches and find better ways to package our all starts with you.  Instead of buying the cheese strings, buy a block of mozza and slice it into sticks that are easy to "peel".  Instead of buying sugar laden granola bars, make these yummy school-safe barefoot bars
to pop into a reusable container.  Instead of wrapping your sandwich in aluminum foil or plastic wrap, find a really nice container for keeping your sandwiches all tucked in and in one piece.  You'll be amazed to see how many different options there are for keeping things fresh and contained.

The best thing I have discovered about going litter-less is that every morning I get to play Tetris while I stuff the lunch kit with all the food, trying to get everything to fit nicely.  So far, after two months of going litter-less, I have always been able to fit everything in; and I pack a lot of healthy food as my kids are ferocious eaters!  SO what are you waiting for?  Make the change now, and reap the rewards in the years to come.  You can even set up a reward system for your child for not loosing any containers throughout the year: a special sushi dinner or a year end movie.  Explain to your kids why you are going litter-less and ask them for their help to be held accountable too.  They will feel proud knowing they are doing what they can to make a difference in our environment.  And the parks and playgrounds will be cleaner too!